Release 2006-07-06

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Squash them bugs

From the Release Notes:
  • Access to missions is now available from the radial menu.
  • Added new initial screen to help new pirates get into the game without overwhelming them - new pirates get 3 missions (bilge, sword, and furniture) or can just jump straight to the docks if they prefer.
  • Adjusted barbarian difficulty.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed rumble client to allow shafts to come in just after (but still not just before) a drop. This was how it was always intended.
    • Fixed problem where carpentry would report low scores when the user had been doing just fine.
    • Fixed problem with restarting duty puzzles after league points.
    • Fixed problem where certain users of Windows networking sharing were unable to log into the oceans.
    • Fixed problem with dragging grapple icons on sea battle controls causing server to ignore skirmish moves.
    • Fixed animation of ship on a turning ram and ship ramming involving wind.
    • Fixed colorization of midriff blouse and sash for portraits.