Release 2006-04-20

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Let the Hunt Begin

From the Release Notes:
  • New Doubloon Ocean called Hunter
  • If you are planked from a vessel or building you will no longer automatically dismiss your puzzle (unless it was a duty puzzle).
  • New furniture (Tub, Globe, Globe Table, Bar Segments, Wooden Bench, Potted Plants)
  • Tweaks to brigand generation, should reduce ping-pong effect
  • Bludgeons are now available for portraits
  • Government deeds are once again tradeable, a warning message will appear in the trade window if one is being traded
  • NPP Jobbers that are ordered to a duty puzzle, or are fired, will now automatically dismiss any challenge puzzles
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed the skull in the birds-eye view not being centered properly
    • Fixed navy duty missions incorrectly putting pirates on brigand hunting vessels
    • Fixed some duty puzzle related bugs that occur at league points
    • Fixed a bug where the wrong pirate would get rated for Battle Nav
    • Fixed Bilging and Swordfighting in single player mode
    • Fixed ultra-high rated players being unable to spawn Brigand Kings
    • Fixed bugs with giving out Brigand King trinkets on doubloon servers
    • Fixed problem with missions not completing properly after all requirements are met
    • Fixed drinking related scoring with the chalice and stein