Release 2005-09-01

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Performance Enhancements

From the Release Notes:

No new major features, just bugfixes.

  • Swordfighting tournaments now report "Random sword of this type" correctly.
  • You will be notified how much money you received from direct and indirect labor while you are online.
  • Doubloon exchange buy offers can now be placed at any price, instead of at 90% of the most recent trade price.
  • Furniture will no longer become "stuck" and unremovable when it's placed behind other objects.
  • Shoppes can no longer be sold commodities over their maximum inventory due to processing delays.
  • Pirates can no longer have portraits made while they are wearing clothes they are trying on from the rack.
  • A lag issue with being charged for painting a room without the room actually becoming painted was fixed.
  • Townhouse attics should now be accessible. Note: existing cottages and estates are unfortunately not fixed yet, apologies for this inconvenience
  • Fixed exploit where defenders could cause their attackers to be blackshipped automatically in PvP.
  • Attackers can now disengage from the chase so long as they disengage before their vessel intercepts the defending vessel.
  • Bizarre "jumping" between opponents when using the [, ], a, and s keys to scroll through targets in swordfighting has been fixed, Smoooooth!