Release 2005-08-18

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Finishing Furniture Fixes

From the Release Notes:
  • Wardrobes, sword racks, and mug shelves now prevent aging, as long as the items are kept on them.
  • Fixed some bugs that would lock out furniture placing.
  • The furniture summary has been optimized to place less strain on the server.
  • The "Row House" is now called a "Townhouse", the "Walk-up" is now called "Rowhouse"*.
  • All tutorials are available for review in a tab in puzzles that have them.
  • 'Building Records' is now the last button in the panel. Also, a different message will now be displayed while the logs are being downloaded.
  • A few other serverside optimizations that should hopefully improve performance.
  • The single-player game (for box-buyers) should really and truly be fixed up now.
* A typo in the release notes spelling this as "Rowhouse", should actually be "Row House"