Release 2005-01-05

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From the Release Notes:

Welcome back. This is just a quick release to take down the holiday decorations and put up a few nice things for the new year. Enjoy.

  • In-game labor reports have been added. Click on 'employment' in the 'Ye' tab to view your labor for the last 10 days. Shops also have reports on their employees and order stats, replacing the nightly emails.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players lazing about in duty puzzles to continue to apply their last performance to the vessel.
  • Merchants may be carrying fruit around, especially if they only have a very few valuable commodities.
  • Watching pirates are displayed in a panel during Spades games.
  • The P key will pause again, although ESC is still the preferred way.
  • Sound looping issues should be significantly improved.
  • Loads of under-the-hood changes, so keep a sharp eye for booches!