Release 2004-02-09

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Mac Patch (v1.51)

From the Release Notes:

This release is intended to fix the game for Macintosh users with the latest Java from Apple, but as usual a few other things got to tag along. Enjoy.

  • Added a workaround for rendering problems with Apple's latest version of Java.
  • Officer noteboards have been added to ships.
  • The new-pirate instruction sequence has been improved.
  • When a new player subscribes, the crew that they're in gets a "shanghai" point which can be redeemed for ship renames and other special things.
  • Fixed drinking tourneys to rematch on draws, and no-shows will no longer count as draws.
  • Modified cascading payouts to pay more to 3rd place and lower, and exclude anyone from being "in the money" if they never won a match. (Having a 'bye' doesn't count as a win.)
  • Newbies get extra help panels that show them around the game and explain a few things.
  • Newbies get a "Learning" performance in duty reports if they didn't do so well. :)
  • Chat bubbles are dimmed when you hold down ALT so that you can see arrows and such.
  • Fixed bugs related to abandoned flags: they should go away now.
  • When in a chat circle onboard a vessel, we now default to chat-circle chat.
  • Some vessel and building scenes have been changed around a little bit.