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Reereez is the captain of the crew the Purrrdy Bad Pirates and princess of the flag XPurrrdy Evil PiratesX on the Hunter Ocean. Reereez is often times referred to as Ree or Reeree.

Past Times

Reereez enjoys hanging out with Foxynana at the docks of Aimuari Island. Ceary often times teases Reereez by walking around in clothing that tend to hurt her eyes. Other times, she and Foxynana are wearing matching outfits or just trying out new fashions.

Every so often, she is seen carping and bilging for others on Sea Monster Hunts and pillies. She has gotten two sublimes in bilge and carpentry because of her love to help others.


Reereez manages Paraphernalia Paranoia the tailoring shoppe on Sayers Rock, the furnisher shoppe Handcrafted on Sayers Rock and the weavery shoppe Knot a Witch on Sayers Rock in Hunter Ocean.

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