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Puzzle Pirates installation guide (Linux Ubuntu)

From YPPedia

Technical.gif This article relates to a technical issue within the game.
Visit the Technical Issue section of the forum if you wish to discuss this or any other issues.

This installation guide is for people who want to use Linux to play Puzzle Pirates, but might not be Linux experts.

This guide is written for Ubuntu however may work on other forms of Linux


Getting Started

The first step for downloading and installing Puzzle Pirates is opening the terminal. The terminal should be found in the Applications drop-down menu under Accessories (If you have this you do not need to read the rest of this section). If you do not have this do Applications-->Ubuntu Software Center (if it is an earlier version then Ubuntu 9.10 then you do Applications-->Add/Remove Programs). In the Software Center in the top right corner of the window that pops up there is a search bar in that search for Terminal. Then double-click the result called "terminal (gnome-terminal)" and hit the install button. It should ask you for your password (assuming there is one), just enter it and then it will install. You can then open up the terminal by doing Application-->Accessories-->Terminal

Install Java

In order to play Puzzle Pirates you will need Sun's version of Java. In order to do so you just need to use the terminal. In the terminal type sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre, and enter your Ubuntu password when prompted. See what the computer says in response.

  • If it says:

Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree  
Reading state information... Done
sun-java6-jre is already the newest version.
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

You can skip the rest of this section: you already have Java.

  • If it says that it couldn't find the package sun-java6-jre, or that the package is not available:

You need to arrange that the correct repository ("software source") is enabled. From the menus, select "System" / "Administration" / "Software sources". Tick the box for "Software restricted by copyright or legal issues (multiverse)".

And, in the "Other software" tab, tick the one like "http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu lucid partner", making sure that the lucid corresponds to your version of Ubuntu (you can find your Ubuntu version by selecting System / About Ubuntu from the main menus; lucid is for Lucid Lynx). If there's a line which is nearly right you can click on the line itself (rather than the tickbox) and a button labelled "Edit" will appear which you can use to change it.

Exactly which repositories there are, and which one contains Sun Java, depends on which version of Ubuntu you have; do the best you can that looks like these instructions and hopefully it will work.

When you've made all these changes, click "close" and tell it to reload like it wants to. Then rerun the apt-get command, above.

  • If it starts doing a software installation then that's great.

You will have to say you agree to the Sun Java licence, and after that it should complete the installation automatically.

Downloading the Game

You download the game by clicking here. That will pop up with a window saying Save File or Cancel press the button Save File it will then download. On that page that you clicked it shows the steps on downloading you will need these later, so keep this page open.

Finding the game

In order to actually download the game you will need to know where it is. It is probably under downloads check this by going to Places-->Downloads and then look for something like yohoho in that folder. If you find it in there, skip to the next section. If you don't, go to Places-->Home Folder and look through the folders you have, and take note of which folder it is in (The Desktop counts as a folder: if you find it there, then the desktop is the folder).

Using the Location

Now that you have found it you just need to install it. You do this by going to the terminal and typing cd Downloads. (This is case sensitive) If you had trouble finding it in the last section and did not find it in the Download folder but rather the desktop simply write cd Desktop or cd Documents. Just type cd (Folder Name).

Running the downloaded installer

You will need to refer the page where you downloaded the game from, and clicked the button that said Save File (see above). On that page it shows 2 steps. Ignore the first step - you've already done that by clicking Save File.

In the second step it shows a little phrase in red that should look something like % sh yohoho-0--en-install.bin. You will need to copy and paste (Note:Ctrl+V does not work in the terminal for some versions of linux - you may need to right click or use the terminal's "Edit" menu) this into the terminal. Do not however copy the percent sign. Of that phrase you should only copy the sh yohoho-0--en-install.bin.

So overall, things look like this in the Terminal:

alice@my-ubuntu-computer:~$ cd Downloads
alice@my-ubuntu-computer:~/Downloads$ sh yohoho-0--en-install.bin 
Verifying archive integrity... All good.
Uncompressing yoclient.......................

Answering the installer's questions

After that it then should say:

Ahoy matey and welcome to the Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates installer!

Please press enter to view the license agreement.

You do just that. Hit enter when you want it to scroll down hit enter again. At the very bottom it says: Ye must type 'yes' or 'no' to answer the question.

Do you agree to the above license terms? [yes or no]

Simply type yes and then hit the enter button.

It will then ask you which Java Virtual machine would you like to use. If you have followed the instructions above to install Sun Java on Ubuntu, enter /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun, so it looks like this:

Which Java Virtual Machine would you like to use?
Note: the JVM must be version 1.5 or newer.
[/usr] /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun

If you are using another version of Linux or of the JVM you may find it works better if you just hit enter at this prompt, ie let it have its own idea (/usr).

Now it will ask where you want to install Puzzle Pirates. The default location is "yohoho" in your home directory. If all goes well it will report successful installation. (In fact, the thing it's just installed is just the downloader; it actually downloads most of the game files the first time you run it.)

You can type yohoho/yohoho in a terminal to start the game.

Play the game

The installer tries to make an icon on your desktop which you can click to open. If you're lucky this just works and you get a cute little pirate to click on:

Working Linux desktop icon.png

If you see this, double-click on it to run Puzzle Pirates.

Unfortunately there is a bug in some versions of the installer which means that you instead get a strange file that looks like this:

Unexecutable desktop file.png

You can fix it up like this: right click on this strange file, and select Properties from the menu, and then within the window that appears select the Permissions tab. Tick the box marked "Execute: allow executing file as a program" and then click "Close". Hopefully after a second or two the strange file will turn into the cute pirate.

For extra help please check out the forums.

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