Puzzle Pirates Jeopardy

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This event is for the Viridian Ocean Only.

It is similar to the hit television show called "Jeopardy". This event will take place at Ninjacow's Estate on Olive Island.

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Here Is How The Event Will Happen

  • People sign up for the event by August 3rd, 2007 at Noon pirate time
  • The actual event will be on Saturday August 11, 2007 at noon pirate time
  • People entered will be put in a Swordfighting Tourny. The winner will be the first contestant.
  • The others that did not win will be put in a Drinking Tourny. The winner there will be the second contestant.
  • Finally the last of the players will be put into a Rumble Tourny. The winner there will be the third and final contestant
  • People that did not win may stay but must stay quiet or they will be /planked from the house.
  • The three contestants will follow me to the backyard where they will see gifts on the ground similar to the grid of the Jeopardy board
  • The poe amount on the presents are to represent points for the contestants to win. All three contestants have the chance to win
  • How ever many points you have by the end of the game determins who wins and how much poe they win. All contestants get the poe they accumulate from points.
  • The winner of the game could come back as the defending champion.
  • If this event is a success then there will be more to come.

Great work Wodan and Bazul who stayed through the whole thing and came out with 14900 and 13350 poe respectively. congrats

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