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Puppet is a senior officer of the crew Tranquillity and a prince of the flag The Blood Line.


Puppet was born for pillaging and stick fights, and was often found leading a sloop against stupidly larger vessels. One day an evil pirate introduced poker to the ocean, and he has rarely been seen on the high seas since.

Puppet has a horrific inability to win familiars. He has several 2nd places in the regular familiar swordfighting tournaments, as well as 2nd overall in March 2009's 'Survey says...' competetion. One of these days...

Puppet regularly runs events on the Viridian, awarding POE to those who deserve it, but struggle to earn it. This is often in the form of free-entry card tournaments, bake-off-style competitions or mini-leagues. His attitude is that the more fortunate pirates of the Ocean should try and give something back, rather than take more. Again, one of these days!

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