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Proof plays on the Meridian Ocean, Captain of the crew Cloud Nine, and Prince of the flag That Tickled.

Proof washed up on the shores of Sage Ocean under a forgotten pirate. He then quit the game due to not understanding the game. A few weeks later, he returned to Puzzle Pirates on the Viridian Ocean, under the pirate Proof, about a year has passed, then he decided to quit the game due to real life events. Then in 2010 Proof decided to come back, after having his pirate deleted due to being inactive, he re-created Proof, He knew his first mate Ogjay from a different online game. And helped his crew rise from the dead.


Renamed Boats

  • Fruity Redfish (Sloop, Painted Red)
  • Fruity Bluefish (Sloop, Painted Blue)
  • Fruity Tafuti (Grand Frigate, Painted Green/White/Green)
  • Renamed Boat (Sloop Painted Black/White/Grey)
  • Pet Jay (Sloop, Painted Red/Brown/Red)
  • White Boy (Grand Frigate, Painted White/White/White)
  • Magic Stick (Sloop, Black/Gold/Black)
  • Puffing Pufferfish (Sloop, Yellow/Yellow/Yellow
  • Me Boat (Sloop, Blue/Grey/Grey)
  • Against All Odds (War Brig, Purple/White/Purple)