Poker players of Sage

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Poker Players of Sage or PPS is a list of all the people who like to play poker on the Sage ocean, if you want to play poker just send a tell to someone on this list when they're on and they may come and join a table with you. If you want to be on this list just copy this text *Piratename: Experience/Standing, paste it under 'The players' and add your name and poker stats (alphabetical order please)

What if I join this list?

By joining this list, you are saying that you dont mind recieving tells about poker games. You are also greatly increasing your chances of getting a decent game of poker with someone of your own ability.

The players

  • Runeage: Weighty/Respected
  • Silverpirate: Broad/Master
  • Theemperor: Broad/Able
  • Addihockey: Apprentice/Able