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Perseverance (Malachite)

From YPPedia

Perseverance at a Glance
Malachite Ocean
Last Monarch Evilduck of Redwall
Member crew(s) The Alliance, Tropical Winds, Redwall, Ragamuffins, Poseidon's Outlaws
Founded 7 August, 2008
Dormant or disbanded as of 22 April, 2009

Perseverance was a flag on the Malachite Ocean.

Flag public statement

Perseverance is the key!

Perseverance is a flag created in order to provide a fun, puzzling, blockading environment for all crews. We aim to grow together, as a flag should, therefore all crews are of equal value to the flag. Any crews wishing to join us should contact a royalty member and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Upon joining crews will not be given a Royalty spot, due to the severe difficulty of passing issues with large numbers of royals. Titled spots will be offered to each crew. Additional Titled spots will be awarded based on crew size and individual dedication to the flag. Although we strongly advise the captain is titled, it is at the captain's discression.

We will not be allying anyone who does not contact us first. Such alliance requests will be declined and possibly met with a war declaration depending on our mood. Plzkthx.

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