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PHOENIX-West at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Punkinspice
Senior Officer(s) Bullheaded, Coorsliter, Dique, Elvirus, Gnatt, Lioutsia, Millenium, Portuguese, Sweetannie, Weewench, Zekedw
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Cocktail Party
Founded 24 January, 2007
Last updated on 26 June, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info

PHOENIX-West is a crew on the Emerald Ocean; founded before the ocean merge on the Sage Ocean.


Public statement

--- PHOENIX --- Ahoy mates! Welcome to our friendly crew! We like to pillage and have fun :)

Crew articles

Golden rules

  • ALL Crew members are expected to treat other players with respect at all times. Harassment, swearing, and unsociable behaviour will not be tolerated. we have a NON DRAMA policy. And will enforce accordingly regardless of RANK
  • Never leave the ship during a sea battle. Wait till we are just sailing or at port. Leaving in battle is not tolerated and will result in a -1. We do understand emergencies happen - but if it is possible to stay for the battle please do so.
  • Don't use tell messages to talk to the officers or captain while at sea. Just chat through the vessel option. It stops them from doing their job and making you money on pillage.
  • Don't be a slacker! Always find an open station. We generally ask 3 times for you to take a station and then we plank.
  • Always look for new members and treat them well. A green sailor today is a good pirate tomorrow
  • PTB (Permission to board). Please ask permission to board a sloop or cutter on crew chat before boarding a vessel and wait for a reply. Don't continually board a ship if you have been asked leave or planked from vessel.


  • Possession of badges at time of transfer does NOT confer any special privilege(s) within our crew.
  • Cabin Person/Pirate: Ranks assigned will be based upon qualifications as to our rank categories.
  • Officers, Fleet Officers, Senior Officers: Incoming officers will be assigned the rank of Pirate for at least two week, and must meet the requirements for officer ranks within the crew. Your previous rank in another crew does not count toward a commission.

Promotion requirements


  • Have 2 or more basic duty puzzles (sail/bilge/carp) at Narrow experience ranking of Respected or better with some Gunnery experience.


  • All piracy duty puzzles (sail/bilge/carp/gun) at Broad Experience and Respected or better ranking, - Battle Navigation at Narrow Experience and Renowned or better ranking,
  • Good knowledge of ships and leadership.
  • Officer Candidates (OCs) will be tested on a sloop and evaluated by the testing officer. The testing officer will determine if the OC passes or not. Those who pass will enjoy the duties and privileges of officer-ship; those who fail to pass must wait a minimum of a week before re-testing.

Fleet officer

  • Promotion is at the discretion of the captain
  • Must qualify as an officer
  • Deed to a ship,
  • Yhe trust of officers,
  • Pillage often.

Senior officer

  • Promotion is at the discretion of the captain

Training/expectations of officers

We have a 3 Tiered Officer Training Program.

  • Officers are in charge of training CP's to be pirates.
  • Fleet Officers are in charge of the first stage of BNav/Pilly training.
  • Senior Officers are in charge of the second stage of BNav/Pilly Training and the assigning of the rank Officer when trainee is ready.

Pre-officer training

When an officer at any level sees that a Cabin Person has attained two broads at the duty stations yet still lacks pirate standing, assign the title Roustabout to the Cabin Person. Officers will teach the following 4 station tips and encouraged the Pre-officers to get their stats up. Try to teach them one at a time and encourage them to work on one stat ranking at a time.

  • Sails: Cascading clearing of boards gets the highest marks. Fill the bottom spaces first leaving one hole open to be filled by a falling ball from an above clear. Clear out obstructing blocks if necessary. The board is only scored based on clearing boards and cascades, not clearing obstructions.
  • Carp: Grain bonus does not matter enough to worry about, only go for masterpieces. Focus on just two adjacent holes working on the smallest holes first filling them as masterpieces. Use the two bigger holes for the harder to use pieces.
  • Bilge: The fewer moves you make, the better your scores so take your time and try to only make moves that clear sets of 3. Clear from the top down. Save your blowfish and jellyfish until you absolutely need them.
  • Gunning: The fewer arrows and the shorter amount of time on a board, the better the score. Do not linger on bad boards. Fill the guns quickly. Speed is of the essence without booching.

Officer training: stage one

When a FO or SO sees a Pirate is Broad/Respected in two duty stations, are respected in Gunning, and have some bnav experience, they shall give the pirate the title Midshipman. Fleet officers teach Midshipman the following hints.

  • On the Bnav mission, the swabbies [bots] have real stats as opposed to swabbies on crew owned ships that are all able. Check their stats. It is recommended that you have a good sailor, and if possible a good gunner. If you don’t abandon the mission and start again.
  • Order the swabbies to stations by clicking on their names in the list under the Vessel tab; use the drop down box to order the swabbies to stations.
  • It is easiest to target ships from the crows nest where you can see and react to them from farther away. The ships are on a scale of dark blue to dark red. The bluer the easier to defeat but if you attack blue ships the Ghost ship may come with 99 Skellies, unlimited moves large cb and can go through obstacles. You will lose all your stock if you meet the ghost ship so never attack a Blue! Target Greens, yellows and Orange ships. Greens easier, Orange tougher ships. Brigands are SF and Barbarians rumble.
  • Use your map in your booty to see when ships are farther away. Zoom in until a white ring surrounds your boat, this is radar.
  • Remember to match the other vessel’s speed to catch them by turning about if necessary.
  • On the battle grid, the enemy will try and grapple you as fast as possible. They usually will make two turns and a straight move the first round. Hit them as they come at you and move away to begin with. The number one goal is to not get hit and number two goal is to hit them. Try to get a hit or two in while moving away then plan how to ‘creep up’ on the enemy. To see the whole grid, use the right mouse, holding it down.
  • The best scores in Bnav is to inflict maximum damage on the enemy before grappling while making the fewest moves, focus on the max damage. The best position is broadside on behind them. Each shot makes the enemy less mobile. Max opposing sloops with 6 small cb's and Cutters with 7 small cb's.
  • Move tokens only last 5 turns, hover your mouse over the tokens to see how long they will last.
  • Use or disable auto token generation.

Officer training: stage two

When a FO feels that an officer candidate is ready, they will assign the new title of Lookout to the pirate. Notify an SO and turn the training over to them.

  • Check the OBB. Click on the wheel, then click Officer Bulletin Board. Each ship has one, each may be different, it should have the name of the ship’s owner, the restocking levels and the preferred port.
  • Remind them to have 2,000 Poes for restock every time they go out although we hope they won’t need that much.
  • Check the hold. The ship needs to be fully stocked before you sail and at the end of each pilly it is YOUR responsibility to restock. Never start a pilly without making sure the ship is stocked and that you have the Poes in hand to restock fully if necessary. Suggested stocking levels are 100 small cb's and 50 fine rum for a sloop pilly
  • Chart a course. Click on the wheel. Click on chart a course. We are the blue ship in the middle. And we are at the white island. The dots linking the islands are league points [LPs], they are the routes linking the islands based on the charts you have on the ship or that you have previously memorized in Dnav. You can buy some charts in shipyards with white names or borrow charts from the crews chart ship the Rare Shad located at Greenwich Island. To chart, click on the league points or islands you want to go to then click chart a course. Routes can only be charted if they end at an Island. You can rechart when you arrive at any LP by clicking ‘clear’ then recharting. stock.
  • Count your hits and tell the crew the score, this encourages them because you are thinking about them
  • Advertise the pilly in crew chat, make it funny, people are more likely to come. Ask your flaggies using the /fo chat. Ask your hearties by sending them a tell, don’t just job them. Advertise for jobbers by clicking on the right. You should expect to have to refill during a pilly and wait at LP for people to join.
  • You need at least 5 to set sail on a sloop, preferably 6 or 7. Remember you need one on bilge, one on carp, one to gun, one to sail and yourself to Bnav. Greet jobbers, crewmates, and flaggies nicely. Ask people to take their favourite stations, they will work better if they are doing a station they love and be more willing to help on stations they love less if they are given some choice. If only 5 in battle, Carper can move to sails as long as you do not get hit. Two sails is vital in battle
  • On a sloop or cutter, It is your job to keep an eye on what is needed. On bigger ships be sure to appoint a second in command to be XO. Make sure the stations are manned. If you need people to move stations, ask first in vessel chat and say please every time even when you are getting angry. Many people are puzzle-blind, so send them tells if they do not respond. If there is no response, use the order command on the right, but remember to thank people in vessel chat when they move. If people refuse to move or take any stations, consider planking as a last resort. You get a bot for only the first planking when in a battle so be careful. Planking is not something we encourage but is a necessity. It is okay to plank a dc in battle.
  • Be sure to reinforce Bnav techniques for the trainee from stage one, but try not to talk to them too much, this can be too distracting/nerve racking when in battle.
  • Explain about damage meters on the right, sails yellow, carp red, bilge blue. Carp damage lets in water. If your carp is at 25% you will take on water, so if damage is 25%, get 2 people on carp fast. Bilge slows down the vessel, if bilge is 1/3 full you lose sail speed. So when your carp is repaired move one carper to bilge. You want the sail meter to be as full as possible, duty nav will increase the efficiency of sails most, but also the efficiency of the other stations. Dnav will also increase the quality of your spawn.
  • Teams of 2 and 3 work best in SF, solos just die and 4 the bots go into revenge mode and insta you. Rumble teams of 3 and 4 are best.
  • Encourage after each battle, do not complain if you lose, think of how bad the crew feels anyway, try and lift their spirits. During the pillage, press escape after each LP to see the duty reports and praise your crew often. Stop anybody being negative on board, you are here to lead by example of courtesy and cheerfulness. If someone is being extremely rude, warn of a possible planking. Harassment will not be accepted and will result in a planking.
  • Do not port and divide until the end of the pilly. The more battles, the bigger the booties. If they engaged you, you can always re-engage after a loss. When you reach your final destination, click on the booty chest then click divide, the computer does it for you. You may wish to give an outstanding pirate +1, if say they won a battle single-handed for you, or -1 if say they left in battle. Any Kraken’s Blood [KB] is sold at port and divided amongst the crew who helped you win it AND bring it safely back to port. Foraged gold ore is also divided amongst the people who helped bring it back safely, you may wish to give the forager 2 shares
  • When the trainee has shown the SO he will win at least 3 of every 4 battles, assign rank as Officer.
  • Restock the ship when you are done. An extra share goes in the hold for every battle won. Get the ship back to fully stocked levels, and take remaining money as a bonus. If there is not enough money in the hold, put money in and restock. They did not do good enough on this pilly. Be sure the trainee knows how to buy and sell commodities.
  • General remarks. Our Officers are our Ambassadors, our crew will be judged by the behaviour of our Officers, treat everyone fairly and with courtesy. If sailing your own ship, do unlock it in case you d/c. Do not abandon ships at sea. If you are in trouble [and everybody has been in trouble some time] ask for help in crew chat, there is almost always another officer online. If you have worries or questions, just ask.
  • Remind new officers that they are now needed to help train the CP's to be future officers

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