Orange Claw Hammer

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Orange Claw Hammer at a Glance
Malachite Ocean
Last Monarch Mistryss of The Hustlers
Member crew(s) The Hustlers
Founded 10 July, 2009
Dormant or disbanded as of 15 December, 2010
Flags-Orange Claw Hammer.jpg

Orange Claw Hammer was a flag on the Malachite Ocean and was created by Bighustle.

The flag was named after the song 'Orange Claw Hammer', which was written and performed by Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band on their most famous album, Trout Mask Replica. The song is the story of a peg-legged pirate who wanders the countryside seeking work who runs into his long lost daughter. The lyrics can be seen here.

Public Statement

We believe in a ruling class, especially since we rule!

Extended Public Statement

This flag exists for those who want to have fun and enjoy the social aspect of Puzzle Pirates. We don't plan to take over the ocean and rule the seas, we're just here to puzzle and make fun of each other.

Want to join our flag? Just ask! As long as you want to have fun, you are more than welcome to participate!

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