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Events, Updates, and Forums

Please peruse the following frequently asked questions - if ye still need assistance, we'll be happy to provide it at the bottom of the page.

New Release/Ice (test) ocean

You can see all the details of what was added or changed in a new release at http://www.puzzlepirates.com/Releases.xhtml. If you are a subscriber, or have bought 24 or more doubloons with real money in the past month, you can help test upcoming releases on the Ice testing ocean. This needs a separate download. See here for details of how to download it.

I have an idea for the game, can I tell it to you?

Ocean Masters cannot make changes to the game, so you should make suggestions regarding any game changes in the Game Design forum. If you cannot find an existing thread that discusses your idea, you can use the Ask A Poster thread to ask where your suggestion should be made, and someone will find the right place for you, or tell you if you should create a new thread. While we may not always post in the Suggestions forum, our staff does take the time to read them along with the discussions they spark.

Familiar/Trinket Events

Events of all types, sizes, flavours, and prizes are organized by OMs and players. Common types of event include bakeoffs, art, craft and writing contests, tournaments and puzzle competitions. Events are the main means for adding familiars, sleeping animals, and rare trinkets or special furniture to the game.

Trinkets are display items, distributed in fun competitions and other events. See the YPPedia page on trinkets for more information about them. Familiars can be obtained only from special events held or sponsored by Ocean Masters.

See the ingame news, YPPedia's current events and the Events forum for details of current and upcoming events.


You can get married, however it is an entirely unsupported feature and purely role-playing based upon the part of players. There are ring trinkets available to be purchased in the Palace Shoppe - click on Ye, then Info, then Palace Shoppe to see what is available! There's some information about wedding events here.

Question not answered?

You may ask an Ocean Master your question by clicking here.

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