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Installation Support

Avast matey! The installer seems to have run into trouble and couldn't perform his assigned duties. We'll be sure to keelhaul 'im fer that, but in the meanwhile, we reckon ye be wantin' to install Puzzle Pirates. We advise that ye tries the following:

  • First, ye needs to download and install the latest version of Java. Ye can get that here, so click on the Java download link there, save it to yer Desktop, and double click on it to start the installation.
  • Once ye have Java installed, rerun the Yohoho! installer and it should use the Java that you just installed. From there, everything should proceed smoothly right up to the puzzlin' fun.

We thank ye fer yer patience and diligence in trying out our game. We're real sorry that the installation process didn't work smoothly right out of the box, but as the Captain likes to say when things are gettin' a bit rough, "Arr mates! Worse things have happened at sea."

If ye aren't havin' any luck with either of the above two options. Feel free to email us using the Puzzle Pirates Support form and we'll do our best to get ye all straightened out.

Smooth seas to ye, The Grey Havens Crew

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