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Official:Intro to shopping

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Ordering Products from a Shoppe


If you're looking to purchase some important pirate gear, you need look no further than the shoppes located on most any island in the ocean. From there, you can buy anything you could possibly need or want for your piratey career: cannonballs, swords, ships, sharp lookin' hats and much more! Better yet, doing so is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1) Select a Product

First, you'll need to choose what you're interested in buying from the list of items at the top of the screen. Here's what you'll see when you first open up the menu from a Tailor...


From here, you can click through the available tabs to browse all the different items for sale, and then click one to select it for purchase. Additional information can also be had by mousing over the item listings, as well as mousing over any icons the object might have in its catalog entry. These icons designate various special functions and qualities the item may have, such as the ability to store other items, or to allow you to play a particular puzzle.


2) Customize

Many objects, like clothing and furniture, come in a variety of colors. You can preview as many different color combinations as you'd like using the drop-down boxes in the lower left of the ordering menu.


3) Purchase!

Once you've decided on exactly the sort of item you'd like, the Purchase window will display all the local shoppes that have that item available for sale. Due to differences in supplies and number of employees, not all shoppes will be able to provide you with the item you wish immediately; instead, once you place your order, the shoppe will begin work on it right away for delivery at a later time, as estimated in the 'Est. Wait' field of the ordering menu. It's up to you to decide whether you'd rather have your object Immediately, or if you'd rather get a deal by placing an order at a lower cost and then waiting a while for it to finish!


Note that sometimes, your desired combination of item and color won't produce any quotes on this menu: that's because no one can produce that item right now! In that case, you'll have to pick a different combination of colors, or a different item, in order to complete your purchase.

Once you've decided which shoppe you'd like to buy from, you can place your order by pressing the Purchase button in the lower right of the menu.

Delivering Orders

When your order is complete and ready for pick-up, you will receive a pop-up in your Ahoy panel that will allow you to take delivery of the item if you are on the same island at which you originally purchased it.

Official-Orderahoy.gif Official-Duborderahoy.gif

If you're on a Doubloon Ocean, this is also the point at which you'll need to pay the doubloon fee. Enjoy your new item!

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