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Official:Halloween 2008

From YPPedia

Halloween2008 banner.png

Trick ARRR Treat!

Are ye ready for Halloween? To get ye in practice, we have a fine competition prepared for ye: Starting October 20th, Pirates will be invited to participate in the great Trick ARRR! Treat event of 2008. That's right: "Arr!" We're pirates, after all!


Sail with yer crew and retrieve candy from the unwilling hands of brigands and barbarians, a boon for the Pirate with a sweet tooth! The competition will begin on October 20th end on November 1st. The names and scores for each team are available on the "Competition" tab on the notice board. Your team colors will appear each time you click your pirate's face. All members of the same crew are on the same team, and any candy pillaged will count toward the team of the crew to which the vessel belongs.

The competition will run til October 31st. Winners will be welcome to flaunt their victory at the up coming Masquerade Ball!


Candy will be awarded throughout the competition by the Brigands and Barbarians in the form of a series of trophies, then at the end of the competition everyone who participated will receive a commemorative trophy! You can see the current status on the "Competition" tab of the Notice Board!

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