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Official:Event Blockades

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Event Blockades


To keep his pirate navy primed and ready for action, an Island governor may, from time to time, schedule an Event Blockade. An Event Blockade is similar in many respects to a normal Island Blockade, but can provide an opportunity for more relaxed fun with other players.

The major differences between an Event Blockade and an Island Blockade are:

  • The winner is not awarded control of the island
  • No warchest is required to start them, and
  • ships are allowed to sail to and from the island without traversing the blockade itself

Joining an Event Blockade

To enter an event blockade, the officer of a vessel should press the "Join Event" button on the vessel panel. If the vessel is currently in port, it will enter on the island side, if deported, it will enter on the sea side.

Scheduling and Configuring an Event Blockade


There are several configuration options available to the governor to add variety to the blockade:

  • Sinking - Whether ships that reach full damage are sunk. An additional option: "No Sinking/No Removal" allows ships at full damage to remain in the battle.
  • Cannons ineffective - Vessels may still fire their cannons but they will do no damage to other vessels in the blockade.
  • Ignore Alliances - All flags are on their own team in the blockade, rather than allied flags fighting on the same team.
  • Use Maneuvers - Allow ships to use generate tokens for, and use Maneuvers.
  • Rounds - The number of rounds in the blockade.
  • Obstacles - The frequency of rocks, whirlpools and wind in the blockade area.
  • Vessel Types - What types of vessels are allowed to enter the blockade. Others will simply pass by.

Event Blockades scheduled during a time which might conflict with a contention blockade must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance. Event blockades during other times may be scheduled up to an hour before the starting time.

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