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Official:Design Easter Egg Competition 2008

From YPPedia

Design an Easter Egg Competition 2008


Winning Entries

Alexariel of Cobalt

Egg-pattern alexariel 2008.jpg Egg alexariel 2008.png

Cassopia of Opal

Egg-pattern cassopia1 2008.jpg Egg cassopia2 2008.png

Egg-pattern cassopia2 2008.jpg Egg cassopia1 2008.png

Dexla of Midnight

Egg-pattern dexla 2008.jpg Egg dexla 2008.png

Feylind of Midnight

Egg-pattern feylind 2008.jpg Egg feylind 2008.png

Kitt of Cobalt

Egg-pattern kitt 2008.jpg Egg kitt 2008.png

Lulee of Viridian

Egg-pattern lulee 2008.jpg Egg lulee 2008.png

Neerie of Hunter

Egg-pattern neerie 2008.jpg Egg neerie 2008.png

Nordenx of Viridian

Egg-pattern nordenx 2008.jpg Egg nordenx 2008.png

Scapegoat of Viridian

Egg-pattern scapegoat 2008.jpg Egg scapegoat 2008.png

Shortyjack of Midnight

Egg-pattern shortyjack 2008.jpg Egg shortyjack 2008.png

Xeitgeist of Sage

Egg-pattern xeitgeist 2008.jpg Egg xeitgeist 2008.png

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