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Official:Castaway Starter Box

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Puzzle Pirates Castaway Starter Box

The Castaway Starter Box is available as a one-time bonus when you spend $2.99 on 7 days of subscription time from the Puzzle Pirates billing system. Ideal for aspiring pirates who want to test the waters of the subscription oceans, the Castaway Starter Box grants the following bonus items in addition to 7 days of subscription time:

  • Cutlass
  • Striped shirt with vest
  • Fancy boots

Subscription Time

Subscription time permits you to do the following on subscription-based oceans:

  • Play all the puzzles and card games that the seas have to offer
  • Use a wide variety of items, swords, bludgeons, mugs, and fancy pirate clothing
  • Take a crafting job at a shoppe or stall to earn some coin while your pirate is offline
  • Visit deadly sea monster lairs and haul back a bounty of treasure
  • Hold any rank in a crew or even create your own!


The cutlass is a reliable sword to have at your side in either a friendly duel or a desperate ship-to-ship melee, and it will give you can edge over the standard foil that most pirates start with.

Striped Shirt with Vest and Fancy Boots

Both the striped shirt with vest and fancy boots included in the Castaway Starter Box will come in "good" condition and will be color-matched from a random pairing of the primary and secondary color options below:

  • Primary colors: Maroon, Purple, Green, Navy Blue, Orange
  • Secondary colors: Grey, Brown, White, Peach, Yellow

So if you receive a striped shirt and vest in your Castaway Starter Box that is maroon and grey, then the fancy boots in the same package will also be maroon and grey.


A Puzzle Pirates account will be eligible to receive the bonus Castaway Starter Box when purchasing 7 days of subscription time for $2.99 on the condition that the same account has not previously received the bonus. This bonus can only be claimed once per account.

Claiming Your Loot

After successfully purchasing your subscription time and Castaway Starter Box, you will receive a notification in-game the next time you log in. Simply click or tap the Claim button to receive your bonus items on the pirate you logged in with.

Bonus items included in the Castaway Starter Box are bound to the pirate you claim them with. Once bound, they cannot be traded or moved outside of your inventory.

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