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Official:Antediluvian Intro

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The Conchs of Atlantis have lain dormant for forty thousand moons, but that is about to change... According to the dedicated (nigh obsessive) research of amateur archaeologists and cryptographers, the conchs will soon unlock long-hidden pathways to the fabled lost kingdom!


Dr. Frillypants's private attempt to find Atlantis before anyone else proved to be a disaster. It appears his ill-timed efforts resulted in his ship's crew disappearing under mysterious circumstances. Dr. Frillypants claims no other ships were in sight when he woke the next morning on an empty vessel.

New Challenges Await!

So, you must decide! Are you brave enough to claim a conch and seek your fortune in mystical unknown waters? You will need a stout and hearty crew with you for this new quest!

Winning A Conch

Conchs will be distributed to the winners of various competitions to be held over the upcoming weeks. Pirates winning a conch will be best prepared to navigate to the outposts of the Altantean holdings. More maps to these mysterious lands will assuredly turn up over time, but holders of the rare blue conch will be the first to see the marvels of Atlantis for themselves!

Event Schedule

Tournaments for Atlantean Conch Artifacts will be happening every few hours throughout the weekend.

Friday August 3rd

  • 1:00PM (Midnight) Bilging Bake-off
  • 4:30PM (Hunter) Bilging Bake-off
  • Trivia Challenge Begins Friday at 2.30PM

Saturday August 4th

  • 8:00AM (All) BK Bumper Boats - Top three Monarchs/Admirals will win a conch
  • 7:00PM (Sage) Bilging Bake-off

Sunday August 5th

  • 9:00AM (Cobalt) Bilging Bake-off
  • 9:00PM (Viridian) Bilging Bake-off
  • Trivia Challenge Deadline - Winners will receive an Atlantean Conch Shell. They will be randomly chosen on Monday from those who answered all questions correctly.

Click here for more details on current and upcoming Events

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