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The octopus is a type of familiar which can be found on the oceans. They are available in most cloth colors, although players are not allowed to re-color an octopus to white (restricted to Olympic Champions League winners), black (obtained from the Kraken lairs), sea monster hunt colors (Atlantean, indigo, night blue, or inky), or any of the Limited Edition colors. A ghost octopus was available from the Barrel Box promotion. The emerald octopus was available from a spring green box promotion. The blue grey octopus was available from gold boxes in April 2018. Cranberry was available from gold boxes in December 2018. Hot pink was available from gold boxes in February 2020.

A ghost octopus

Octopus with hat

Octopus familiars are also available in a few limited edition colors, sporting a sleeping cap. The octopus with sleeping cap is available in only a few limited edition colors and is only obtainable through mystery box promotions:

Octopus with hat familiars are not able to be recolored except in the very rare cases where the colors of both hat and octopus would normally be recolorable, i.e. neither color is black, white, tan, or a limited edition color (ice blue, spring green, banana, wine, plum, or chocolate).

Octopus-banana-blue.png Octopus-chocolate-tan.png Octopus-ice blue-violet.png Octopus-lime-lime.png Octopus-magenta-chocolate.png Octopus-plum-blue.png Octopus-spring green-red.png Octopus-wine-orange.png Octopus-emerald-spring green.png

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