Oblivious (Hunter)

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Oblivious at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Captain Killamangiro
Senior Officer(s) Ahrimz, Budha, Deathxwish, Sccalex,
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Insight
Founded 17 November, 2006
Dormant or disbanded as of 6 July, 2008
Favicon.png Crew Info

Oblivious was a crew that sails the Hunter Ocean. Until it became defunct, the crew flew the flag of Insight.


Oblivious was founded on 17 November, 2006, by Killamangiro and some of his friends from the Silver Escapades. The crew quickly rose in members and after a merger with The Cronicals of Jay, which solidified Oblivious as one of Hunter's major crews.

Oblivious was a member of the flag Havoc (formerly Fae's Rebellion) before Havoc split up. Oblivious, along with The Drunken Brotherhood and Tenacity and Torment, moved to the the flag Indecent Exposure.

By July of 2007 Oblivious had left Indecent Exposure to become a member crew of Insight and Killamangiro had stepped down as captain handing oblivious to Imhotandunoe. By august of 2007, imhotandunoe steped down, handing the crew to deputy. After less then a month as captain of Oblivious Deputy left and so Killamangiro came back and was made captain

Promotion Requirements

  • Cabin Person: Just ask an officer or higher to invite you as a full member
  • Pirate: Broad in Sail, Bilge, Carp and Guns.
  • Officer: Solid in Sail, Bilge, Carp, Guns, with at least 3 renowneds and master in b-nav
  • Fleet Officer: Soild in Sail, Bilge, Carp, and Guns with at least 3 Grand-Masters and G-M B-nav
  • Senior Officer: I (Deputy) choose who is an SO. They are people I trust a lot, and have known for a long time. So please do not ask to be an Senior officer.

Please talk to any of my Senior officers or me if you have any questions, we may be busy and you may have to wait to have yer questions answered just be patient and do not spam us with tells and crew chat.

Note: Some promotions may not go by these rules because I might want to promote somone if I think they have earned it.

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