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Mauritius is the captain of the crew Elitists and member of the flag Clandestine on the Hunter Ocean. Mauritius is the governor of Saiph. Mauritius is a well-rounded pirate with excellent stats in both piracy and crafting puzzles. Besides working on his stats, Mauritius enjoys experimenting with different puzzles and learning how the puzzles work.

Mauritius' pride and joy can be found in his alt army. This rumored army exists with no known reason other than to feed his ever flourishing stalls and shoppes.

I program with C++ Allegro, learning Win Appi, Direct X, Open GL and MFC. I have just started helping with the GCPP and plan to throw in a few prototypes. My skill is not expert but thats what the internet is for. Yay C# with GDI! way better than C++ appi.

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