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Lunii of the Hunter Ocean, formerly known as Lunatichead of the Midnight Ocean, is one of a few new jockeys to join Shanty Raid-io. With that brilliant "new ocean" smell about the airwaves it is most likely you will hear Lunii broadcasting from somewhere on Hunter.

Season Times

Lunii is one of the newest additions to Shanty Raid-io and now has a permanent slot, so tune into the graveyard shift at 4am - 7am (PDT) and join him on Hunter for the great parties at Buzzjunkie and Lunii's townhouse.


It was written that this lunatic pirate, whilst trapped on this ilsand, was raised on the Metal music of the past and from that he has grow a love for the Metal of today, so he is sure to blast out tunes that are all to mosh for. Then too there is a fondness for every other kind of music so expect to hear anything and everything.

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