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Lucathius first started out in the crew Treasure Hunters in early August 2005. He worked hard and devoted himself to his crew. He then was tested by Brandinni, who was a senior officer during that time; she passed him and he was made an officer. A few days later he was promoted to fleet officer after buying his first ship, Patient Bluegill.

Lucathius then went to go with his friends Brandinni, Zeppelin and Rascalred, who made a new crew named United Legion. Unfortunately, things didn't work out and Lucathius fled back to Treasure Hunters. Later Lucathius - along with Rascalred - went to join Zeppelin's crew again and was made Senior Officer. When Hola merged her crew with Zeppelin's the situation again didn't work out. This made Lucathius and Rascalred leave. Rascalred then made her own crew named Rascal's Raiders which Lucathius joined; now they are very close.

In 2006 between February and March Lucathius was made captain. With Rascalred leaving, Lucathius was forced to rename the crew to Stars of Destiny. Lucathius had help from his three trusty senior officers: Midgetofhell, Mysticmerlin and Calvindude to rebuild the crew, after which he felt like a true captain.

Recently there have been further crew changes, and a merger into Ace Of Hearts, a crew captained by none other than Rascalred. Lucathius took over the captaincy and had his favorite pirate Rascalred as a senior officer by his side. Ace Of Hearts was able to reach eminent within a week. Ace Of Hearts resides in the flag Imperial Coalition.

(info somewhat outdated)

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