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Louiseanne is captain of BRB, queen of AFK.

Louiseanne is a pirate based primarily on the Midnight Ocean, who has been playing since July 24, 2004. Being incredibly antisocial, except while off her face on sugar and caffeine, she stays solo in BRB. She has absolutely no talent for b-nav at all, however, so rarely pillages. When she does, however, it is a sight to behold... in all the wrong ways.

Louiseanne, who is well known to be a monster-hunt addict, is mostly found in Atlantis or the Cursed Isles, hunting skellies, or talking incessantly on the docks.

Her home island is currently Park Island.

Contrary to common misconception, her name is not based on "Louisiana".

Louiseanne acquired her peg leg during the evening of September 29th, 2007, and her eyepatch with Party Central on October 8th. She cannot, however, remember when that hook appeared (although it took many fish).