Lethal Limes of Prey

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Lime-death at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Toscira
Senior Officer(s) Limes, Oakly
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Broadsiders
Dormant or disbanded as of 12 September, 2006

Despite their name, Lime-death really do not have anything against the common lime - or rare ones! As a matter of fact, quite the opposite. But they don't like lemons! The crew was founded by Cloakdeath. However, he was eventually replaced as captain over a disagreement in leadership.


Mates in Lime-death sail into Guava Island, Turtle Island and Jorvik Island.

The crew currently has 9 Sloops and a War Brig.

Public statement

"Ahoy and welcome to Lime-death - A crew named after Limes and Cloakdeath.
This is a new crew, formed by old allies.
We accept anyone, names of any colour/color...(Green, yellow, pink, white, and of course, blue!)"

Crew colours

Lime, Brown, or Lime and Brown. Crew colors are optional for anyone under the rank of Senior Officer, but are requried for those of that prestigious rank.

Crew costumes

Note: Crew Costumes are optional, and these are just recommended things

Male crew costumes
Female crew costumes


  • Cabin Person: Default Ranking. Only the unsubscribed keep this rank.
  • Pirate: Subscribe and inform an officer.
  • Officer: Show the crew trustworthiness and have 5 broads to be given Officer Training.
  • Fleet Officer: Have 7 broads and a lot of the crew's trust. Owning a ship also boosts chances of being promoted.
  • Senior Officer: Must own a ship, be extremely trustworthy, and have 9 broads.