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From YPPedia

Kosh was a senior officer and First Mate of the Yellow Jackets during the Alpha and Beta stages of the Azure Ocean. He later became a founding royal of the flag The Honest Pirates as they sought to claim an island for colonization from the ongoing auctions.

He successfully placed a bid high enough to be in contention for Delta Island, but was met with an equally valid bid by Heretic of The Infidels. Cleaver gleefully decreed that the dispute would not be settled by further bidding, but by a sword duel. Kosh and Heretic drew swords and dueled on the sandy beaches of Beta Island in a best 2 out of 3 contest, which heretic won, claming Delta.

All was not lost though, because The Honest Pirates were placed 1st in line for the next round of colonzation, which was to take place in the Ruby Archipelago.

Kosh paid the bid fee and became the 1st Governor of Eta Island.

He moved with the Yellow Jackets to the Midnight Ocean and played through the launch period, eventually retiring.

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