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Knights of the Republic (flag)

From YPPedia

This article is about the Midnight flag named Knights of the Republic. For the Midnight crew, see Knights of the Republic.


The flag Knights of the Republic was founded on November 7, 2003 under the leadership of Atreides. The first crew to be added was House Atreides. Gwynn and Dergon along with other Senior Officers of House Atreides left to form the Seadragons in order to increase the number of Knights.

Other crews later joined the Knights of the Republic including:

In January 2005, the flag Knights of the Republic was collapsed into a single crew of the same name and merged with No Homers to form a new flag called Lost Legion.

"Big Bag Cleaver with his Octopus of Wisdom", a.k.a. the Tale of Gemini

Back in the early days of Midnight, old Captain Cleaver decided that more shoppe auctions were needed, but these were limited to those flags which did not already own any. In the spirit of helping these flags out, Cleaver decided that there would be a shop naming contest, and whoever got first place would get their shop cheap.

The Knights of the Republic debated names amongst themselves, along with locations for where they would put a shop. They decided to go for an ironmonger and place it on Turtle Island. Atreides, then captain of House Atreides, came up with the name Axes and Alloys, which won the contest. So, Axes and Alloys was built on Turtle Island, where it served as a strong income source for the flag.

The Knights were prepared to pay the asking price for this shop, but there was a wrinkle in the payment plan. The second place winners got their shop for free due to the 200 thousand PoE credit award for their creative name and the bidding for the shop type they went for was not going very high. Feeling that it was unjust for the first place team to have to pay while second place did not, Cleaver gave the Knights their shop for free as well.

Gemini comes into the story during his infamous rant on the Puzzle Pirate Forums, where he decided he would leave the game. Gemini was one of the early Senior Officers of House Atreides and was considered at the time to be a decent swordfighter by many in the crew. However, the Knights were having problems with theft in House Atreides. This was before vessel logs were implemented, so catching a crook had to be done with OM intervention.

Gemini would not tolerate this, however, and took his case to the main forums [1], evading the question of who the crew/flag was and refusing to post screenshots where he accused Cleaver of being corrupt and giving away free shops. This situation caused a lot of annoyance and laughter on the main forums, with Cleaver eventually locking the topic down and sending it to Davy Jones' Locker. This didn't dissuade Gemini, who continued to spawn more topics that were quickly deleted by administration.

Eventually, he did make good on his threat to leave the game, and thus endeth the Tale of Gemini.

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