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July 2010 inscriptions

From YPPedia

This page investigates new inscriptions which have popped up on various Puzzle Pirates oceans starting July 29th. There is an active forum discussion about what they mean.



July 2010 inscriptions-key.png

Made by: Yarn(Sage)

The Letter

The first item found was a note from an unknown person. The translated text reads:

  • 5 July
  • It has been three years and two months to the day since she left.
  • Today I find myself writing this from the back of a bungalow somewhere in the eastern coast. The part they do not talk about back in the capital. The port towns where they do not recognize any niceties beyond the exchange of money. It can get you food, drink, shelter, a few hands of poker and answers. Even if none of them will do you any good.
  • I still have her portrait. It is faded. A little torn. But those are her eyes staring back, clear as day. I have been showing it around, loosening tongues with coins. And trying in vain to find the bits of truth hidden in the torrent of lies and misdirection.
  • A few days of this dance led me to the sailor. He nodded sagely as I spoke. And for several coins I persuaded him to scrawl some directions on my map. He said they led far from the mainland. Into the archipelagos. The archipelagos... she had often spoken of going there. Perhaps at some point she had learned the language. I had never taken the time.
  • Our business concluded, he gave my shoulder a reassuring grasp and then disappeared in the direction of the inn, my coins still clutched in his hands.
  • I leave in the morning.

Found: On the docks of Alpha Island (Midnight)by Zingman

The Map

The second item found was a map, inscribed in the same code.

Found: on Turtle 'Island'? (Midnight) by Cire,(With help from Schoona)

Translated by: Cire(Posted full translation, others figured out bits as well)

The Grid

This inscription was found in two versions. In the first two sides were cropped, leaving out the numbers which are visible in the second.

600px-July 2010 inscriptions-gridtrans.png

Torn Grid: Found on Saltstraum Rock (Malachite) by Silverbolt, near palace on Sakejima Island (Cobalt)

Full Grid: Found on the docks of Dragon's Nest (Viridian) by Yoccm

Translated Grid Made By TehPwnzr (Hunter)

Wrong Leads

The Star Pin

On the various oceans trinket cases were found containing one star pin (lime/green/gold), with the inscription "There is no "The"". These were taken as recent additions, when in fact they were part of a past event.

The Answer

During the morning of July 31st, 2010, Jacobey made a post of his discovery, the answer of the riddle 'Floor and Column Connct to what you seek', by using the grid and numbers on the map to find the secret message: 'Barnabas on The Haunted Seas'. This was confirmed to be the correct solution by the OM's later in the day.

Later, after the release, contributors were given a free Haunted Seas Map as a Reward. Player Receiving a chart.

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