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Joshuakiller is the senior officer of the crew The Old Days, and king of the flag Stronger, on the Meridian Ocean.

Joshuakiller-East is a senior officer of the crew Ocean Crusaders-East, and a lord of the flag ONCOMING STORM, on the same ocean.

Stalls and buildings (Malachite)

  • Manager of Happyone 's Shipyard on Napi Peak
  • Manager of Blogy's Weaving Stall on Chrysalis Island
  • Owner of Ponce de Loan bank on Drogeo Island


  • Top ten in: Hearts, Treasure Drop, Rumble, Swordfight and Treasure Haul.
  • 1# treasure hauler (114 times total)

A brief story

Joshuakiller started playing Puzzle Pirates on Midnight Ocean in 2002 though he, a little later, moved to the Viridian Ocean where he played for over 7 years.

During his stay in Viridian, Joshuakiller created the crew South Sea Pirates and managed to get it up to 115 members. Due to some financial issues, he resigned his captain spot and gave it to another ranking member who he trusted, but that person abandoned the crew. He then joined the Ocean Crusaders crew, whose captain he had known for all his seven years on Viridian, and stayed with them for 3 years, and then moved to Malachite.

Joshuakiller moved to Malachite, joining the crew Wolves Den of Desire and getting senior officer rank within the first week. He later decided to make his South Sea Pirates crew on Malachite Ocean which he got up to 80 members, but later merged with Blue Ice again because of financial issues.

He joined the crew Dynasty with Gallo as the captain and monarch of 'Fill in the Blank'. Joshua met again with the pirate Yumisa, whom he had known before since he was helping her to solve a problem that was killing her crew.

Joshuakiller eventually assumed captaincy of Dynasty and has increased its size up to over 150 members. Eventually through much dedication to Fill In The Blank, Joshuakiller became the king of the flag, and continued its success as the #1 flag on Malachite, and runs the #1 crew on Malachite through the loyalty of its officers. On July 1, 2012, Joshuakiller became the governor of Spectre Island, and took care of the island to the best of his ability.

After having run Dynasty for a year and a half, Joshuakiller resigned his captaincy of Dynasty and kingship of Fill In The Blank, and moved on.

Joshuakiller eventually decided to start a flag called Stronger which became the #1 flag within the month due to the many contributions, and activity of member crews.