Islay of Luthien monument

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The Islay of Luthien monument is located on the northeastern side of the lake.

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Islay of Luthien was governed swiftly and justly by the venerable Cartier under the auspices of the flag Olympians.

It was home to these allied crews:
53 in The Green Oysters of the flag "Olympians"
50 in Athenians of the flag "Olympians"
41 in Blood Brothers of the flag "Olympians"
19 in The Velvet Claws of the flag "Olympians"

It was home to these independent crews:
10 in Greedy Devils of the flag "The Pirates of Neptune"
10 in Evil Twins of the flag "Boochery"
9 in Southern Cross
3 in Silver Vixens