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Iron Cross

From YPPedia

Iron Cross at a Glance
Cobalt Ocean
Last Monarch Bowstring of Run Silent Run Deep
Member crew(s) Run Silent Run Deep, the untied fleet, Destruction, The Pirate ARRrmy
Founded 31 January, 2009
Disbanded as of 3 June, 2009

Iron Cross was a flag on the Cobalt Ocean. Founded by Bowstring and Bleweyedoc of the crew Run Silent Run Deep. They were named for the roundel, or military symbol, of Germany.


Driven by ambition to rise up the ocean politics ladder, Bowstring and Bleweyedoc founded Iron Cross on January 31st, 2009. They are made up mostly of splinter crews from Run Silent Run Deep. They later fell apart, most members joining Super Awesomeness.

Public Statement

Deuchland Uber Alles! Germany Above All!

Extended Public Statement

The cross of iron, a symbol of honor and courage. Those who fly it are feared and respected the world round.

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