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Familiars Won
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Iove is well known for his artistic, sailing, swordfighting, and rumble skills. He sail in the crew of Jerry's Kids II. His other known pirates are Liz from Sage, Glasseye from Hunter, and Foilbeard on all the oceans.

Contributions and Awards / Contributions and Accomplishments

  • Iove was the number 1 rumbler in Viridian for 150 days straight.
  • Iove won a white/blue parrot in Bia's long-shift April Rumbling tournament, April 25.
  • Iove won a parrot feather for 2nd place in Apollo's "Dead Letter Office" He also recieved violet and maroon long stem roses for runner up.
  • Iove occasionally runs the event "Where's Iove" held on Viridian Ocean.
  • Iove runs an avatar shop called the Avateria which can be found here.


Iove started off on Midnight Ocean under the name Apples. He met Zarathrusta and was asked to join his crew because of his swordfighting skills. After Zarathrusta was banned for taking advantage of the Kraken's Blood Bug the crew fell apart and soon after Apples moved to Viridian. Apples joined Kisso's crew Kisso's Mercenaries. After Kisso left to pursue other interests, Apples created his own crew, "Crew." Apples trained under Imperfect to perfect his sword-fighting technique and to learn about the mechanics of the game. Apples got sick of the attention he was getting from opposing crews and pirates. So he created a new pirate and named this one Iove. Iove didn't join a crew for a long while because he wanted to go unnoticed while playing the game. Eventually he created a joke crew with his hearties Power Rangers. After his Senior Officer was banned for unknown reasons, Iove left Power Rangers and joined Jerry's Kids II, where he resides and fleet officer.


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Bloody Bleedingheart
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Four Wasted Shanghais
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Lunar Sunfish

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