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Imladris at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Senior Officer(s) Inyopants, Nukehobbo, Yvys
Politics Democratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Back to Black
Founded 10 April, 2011
Last updated on 21 January, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info

Imladris is a crew in the flag Back to Black on the Meridian Ocean.

Public Statement

Welcome, after some major life changes Nukehobbo is Captain, Yvys is dead(or hiding). We are also part of the Knights of Merridian. Any info on the whereabouts of Yvys is needed.

Extended Public Statement

Hello there, Imladris is a fun friendly active crew who enjoy pillies smh's Ci's etc.....

We are here for one reason only ! to have fun. our crew has many great ideas and good competition fun from time to time we love meeting new people and we are also in a great flag ! with loads of lovely people.

i hope you decide to join us and if you do wish to just contact the captain or any officer xD


Cabin person is only used as a punishment you wont get this unless you been a naughty pirate.

Pirate: you will obtain this rank when you first join up, its where everyone starts out !

Officer: you can achieve the rank of officer from many things, one of which is good behaviour and helping out in crew pillies and events, esentially we expect to see 1 broad in experience 2 solids in experience and 1 broad with a Dist+ stat on piracy skill.

Fleet officer: this rank you will need to have alot of trust from your superiors, obviously trust is the upmost part of being a Fleet officer . we would like to see 4 solids in experience with 3 Dist+ stat in piracy skill and Resp+ in a piracy skill.

Senior officer: obviously this is the highest rank apart from captain, you need to have alot of trust and be liked by the crew and the captain, need to help out all the time with crew events and be guides to those who are training in bnav or need help on Puzzles on a duty station, Senior officers must have relativley good stats but most important is the trust these will be the closest people with the captain. seniors will be picked only by the captain and seniors of the crew who see somebody who deserves this rank !

Captain: Clearly not gonna happen

Exceptions will be made for those we know from previous oceans and so forth or really close friends from the real world.

We expect to see everyone getting along and everyone helping eachother to learn and become as great as they can be !

thanks for taking the time to read this far, feel free to read further to the rules.

Rules: Always ask the OIC of a pilly for PTB (permission to board) his/her ship the Oic has the right to plank anyone who is missbehaving or not stationing. Always treat eachother with care no matter your rank be it from pirate to captain, we are all equal really. never steal stock, those who do will be spoken to by a senior or the captain and a complaint will be filed through to the Ocean Masters.

thanks for taking your own time to read all of this stuff !! hope to see you in the crew ! if this is not the crew for you then Fairwinds.

We want to capture an island, but we are working out the many problems that accompany it. We are currently not in or looking for a war. Although we still fight the "Dark Lord". Due to copyright concerns we will not go into detail about our name, but do Google it, and lot of it will make more Sense. We would like to say that you should read the book that this name comes from. We are very hard to convince to make any SO or FO due to MULTIPLE STOCK STEALERS. Any Questions should refer to Nukehobo. Yvys also attempted a real life coup, and is now being looked for by the authorities, and any information is greatly appreciated!

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