Ice Ocean changelog/2014-2

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This page archives the changelog for the Ice Ocean for the second half of 2014. The complete changelog can be viewed at Ice Ocean changelog.


  • We will be doing some internal testing of an upcoming Team Competition this afternoon, though you are free to participate while it's active. We'll have all the details for you next week.
    • Remember, what happens on Ice stays on Ice!


  • Building and Vessel deeds are now divided into collapsible groups in the booty (like the Trinket section).
  • Added player-designed Winter trinkets.


  • The "Manage Jobbers" panel that pops up when clicking the navigation wheel has been updated to strip wacky characters from the mission statement. Certain characters were causing an error on the client when it tried to display a job invite notice panel.
  • The bracelets on the male Kraken Tattoo clothing have been updated to match the belt color.
  • Added the latest portrait background winners.
  • Added the December LE ship, which is undergoing internal testing.


  • Added image for the November monthly seal.
  • Fixed the Kraken tattoo portrait (finally!).


  • Added more trinket subgroups in the booty display, as discussed in the Ice forum.
  • The currently displayed trinket can once again be clicked to remove it.


  • Trinkets are now divided into subgroups in the booty display. This is intended to help pirates who have really big booties.


  • Adding a "Go Home" button for Rowboats
  • Fixed bug that caused Kraken treasure clusters to sometimes extend outside the board, resulting in half a whirlpool


  • Players who get disconnected and "blackscreened" should now auto-transition back into the Kraken instance.


  • Reworking Kraken booty divvy.
  • Fixing offsets of sunken treasure and magic water in Atlantis.
  • Allowing Inky Cephalopod Doll to be held in portraits.


  • Decreasing damage done by small and medium tentacles.
  • Decreasing number of tentacle segments on the Kraken board.
  • Making sure all Kraken rock tiles get treated like rocks.
  • Changing Kraken water color.


  • Fixing error when attack animations played.
  • Chum will now last longer.
  • Adding custom Kraken rock tiles.


  • Adding defender tentacles for the Kraken head.
  • Fixed aging of ink slicks, so that they do not reset when a rowboat respawns.
  • Adding tentacle attack animations.
  • Adding sound effects.
  • Only play song when first entering Kraken lair.
  • Adjusted weighting of treasure chests and eggs in determining "Treasure retrieved" shares.
  • Making /who and /vwho work correctly for pirates and vessels engaged in a Kraken hunt.
  • Adding a warning if there are not enough lifeboats in the hold when the Kraken is charted.
  • Adding bubble animation while Kraken head is sunk.
  • Fixing the render order of some sprites on the board.
  • Updating bumper kit booty icon to match new bumper boat art.


  • Ink will no longer disappear one turn early.


  • Fixing connection issue when attempting to enter the Kraken lair.
  • Updating bumper boat art to make it more clear which end is which.


  • Fixing "invisible" tentacle collisions.
  • Fixing "rogue" tentacles. All tentacles will sink when Kraken head sinks. Any tentacles that were previously sunk will remain down until the other tentacles resurface.
  • Improving attractiveness of chum.
  • Chum will get removed from the board when tentacles "eat" it.
  • Changed spacing and placement of rowboats when spawning in the safe zone.
  • Fixed timing of ink so that it gets added to the board at the same time as the Kraken head gets shot.
  • Making lifeboats less bulky.
  • Changed lifeboat recipe to produce batches of 10.


  • Making sure powder keg sprites get removed if a vessel collides with them during the same turn in which they were added.
  • Aging rowboat kits by login days rather than calendar days and reducing lifespan.
  • Preventing powder kegs from being shot into the safe zone.
  • Making sure powder kegs render on top of chum slicks.
  • Added new keg explosion animation.
  • Updating kraken chest contents.
  • Board updates.


  • Fix for desyncs after Kraken head resurfaces.
  • Fix for tentacles not getting sunk when passing through powder kegs.
  • Fix for treasure indicators staying on even after rowboat respawns.


  • Fixing some internal errors.
  • Preventing tentacle vessels from escaping out to sea.
  • Preventing pirates from engaging the Kraken while in a tournament.
  • Making sure Kraken spots last as long as their sea monster maps.
  • Kraken board updates.