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Hugorune is a player on the Meridian Ocean. He is captain of the crew Blood On The Sheets (reformed) and king of the flag Who gives A Sheet.



Early life

Hugorune began life in March 2011 on the Viridian Ocean. He joined the crew, "The Doubloons Hunters", as a Pirate. He left after a short stay, and joined "The Unholy Legion" as an Officer. He was promoted to Fleet Officer,and loved being a part of this crew, but took up the challenge to create one of his own. With his hearty, Tarneytay, he formed the crew, "Who Dares Wins" in May 2011. This crew was disbanded one year later, due to ongoing philosophical differences with a Senior Officer.He then set up his present crew, "Blood On The Sheets", on May 11 2012. He was Monarch of the Flag, "Swords Of Salvation", but became separated from it when "Who Dares Wins" was disestablished. He is now Monarch of the Flag, "Who Gives A Sheet".


His philosophy for his crew was that he never yearned to have the biggest crew on the ocean, but to have the best one! He feels that good fortune was on his side, and his wish has been granted. He enjoys card games and managing stalls. He is the manager of several stalls, including Ironmongers, Weavers, Tailors, Apothecaries and a Shipyard. He is an avid ship collector, and currently has 41, of which his pride and joy is a Wondrous Xebec. Today, he can found drinking with his wonderful hearty Lucindiia, (she said that.....she can, cos she created the page!!  :D).


Having captained a crew for almost 2 years, he now felt it was time to scale back PP activity and involvement, and thus had a tough decision to make. There was no immediate successor to take over the Captaincy, so the only options available were to disband or merge. He had enjoyed very good relations with the crew "Neptunes", captained by Missdee, and had spent many fun-filled hours, joining them on pillages and SMH voyages etc. He decided that the best solution was to merge into that crew. The merger took place at the beginning of April 2013 and, initially, it appeared to be a very satisfactory arrangement, rising to # 12 on the Crew fame leader board and achieving an Illustrious rating. Neither crew had managed this feat, individually.

Alas, this was not to be the case for very long. It became apparent that the crew leadership was being adversely influenced by issues of conflict with a long-serving and faithful Neptunes crew member. This conflict had been simmering for several weeks, at least.

The animosity that was displayed to this unfortunate individual was a sad spectacle to behold, and was causing disharmony and unrest within the crew. This individual was being treated quite shabbily and in an unfair and biased manner.

A meeting was held which was attended by several SO's (including Hugorune) and the Captain, to discuss the fate of the individual concerned. The meeting concluded with Hugorune leaving the crew, as by that point, he had become totally disillusioned with the hypocrisy and double standards, that were being applied right then, and had been witnessed on several other occasions, in the days and weeks since the merger.

This was compounded by the fact that a fellow Senior Officer was stating that Hugorune was being untruthful on a very minor matter. Despite his protestations and explanations exonerating himself, the attempts to disprove the facts continued unabated. At no time did the Captain admonish this unjust behaviour, nor instruct the Senior Officer to cease and desist with his scurrilous behaviour. Thus, having lost total confidence in the Captain and her leadership, he withdrew from the crew altogether.

He is now an independent pirate and is taking some time to determine what path to take from this point forward.


On May 30, 2013, he decided that the best way forward was to go backward, as it were. The crew, "Blood On The Sheets", was re-created on May 30 2013,just over a year after the advent of its forerunner. Soon after, on June 15 2013, a new flag was created. As the flag, "We Don't Give A Sheet" still existed, it was necessary to come up with an alternative name. Thus, "Who Gives A Sheet" came into being. It was decided that the crew would be a private one, and was not actively seeking new recruits, other than old crew-members wishing to rejoin, and any hearties of crew. This was the scenario for a couple of months, at which time it was decided to become an open crew, with recruiting and acceptance of all pirates wanting to join. Recently, we decided to develop the flag also, and sought like-minded crews, who wished to avoid the petty politics of warring flags, in favour of being apolitical, and to interact in the interests of mutual benefit. Both the crew and flag have enjoyed a fairly rapid growth in a short space of time, and are currently (as on November 6 2013), nicely positioned on the Fame leader boards at # 5 (Crew), and # 3 (Flag).

2018 Update

At the end of January 2018, the crew is sitting at # 3 position, whilst the flag is at # 2. An uncontested blockade saw Hugorune command ownership of the island of Prolix Purlieu, in the Jade archipelago.He is hoping to revitalize the island, and has commenced building a Trading Post (as the only one previously available in the Jade archipelago has now gone), as well as dropping property taxes by 15%, also, actively stocking the Palace (Baron's Pit) with commodities and finished goods, to be sold at competitive prices.

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