Howto:Use building news

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The news of a building is what you see in the Shoppe or House panel, under the names of the building and owner (and sometimes managers and roommates). But maybe you want something better than the boring plain black news?

As you can see the news is just plain black. To edit it, click on the 'Edit news' button.
The news editor uses HTML to format the news, some tags (eg <b> and <i>) are shown to you. It also has a useful preview button to show you how your news will turn out.
The three basic formatting tags are <b> (makes text bold), <i> makes text italic, and <u> underlines text. Always remember to close your tags. In other words always end with a slash and your tag (Example <b>Text</b>)
The font tag, <font>, is the most useful tag in your inventory. It has several uses. If you type face= (in the font tag as it is displayed in the news editor) then a font you want in quotes, it will change the font. If you type size=, followed by a number from 1 to 6 (1 being smallest, 6 being largest) it will adjust the size of your text. Type color= (American spelling) followed by a color name (eg Red) or a hex value and your text will turn that color (hex values are safer to use than color names).
<font> in action. Remember to close off your font tag with </font>. You don't need to write face, size or color again
You can mix and match tags until you get the desired result. Nest tags in others, but remember to close them off properly. Click Accept when you are finished.
You can see your new news now, if it is too big to fit in the small space then a more... link is shown.
After clicking the more... link you can fully see the news. This is also what visitors see when they read your news