Howto:Leave a message for another user

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To find a specific user's page type "User:" followed by the specific username into the search box.
Click "Go."
When you find the userpage click on "discuss this page" to leave a message on their talk page.
To start a new discussion click on the "+" at the top of the page.
Fill in a brief heading in the "Subject/headline" field. In the main edit field, leave an in-depth message for the user discussing whatever issue or problem you need to talk about. Remember that all message left on the wiki are public.
After typing out your message click on the button second from the right at the top of the editing window.
This will add a "--~~~~" wherever you left the cursor. Alternatively, you can type "--~~~~" yourself at the end of your comments.
Click on "Show preview" to make sure that your message looks the way you want it and that any links you created are working properly.
If you're happy with the way the preview turned out, click on "Save page."
When you save the page, the "--~~~~" will automatically turn into a link to your userpage and a timestamp in Pirate Time. The next time this particular user looks at a page on the wiki while logged in, she will see a gold box across the top of every article alerting her to the presence of a new message.