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Holypirate'is a Senior Officer of the crew Valparaiso Brigido and former Senior Officer of The Happy Go Lucky. Holy also was once a captain of the Kings of The Caribbean, which he disbanded.

Holy also has been running some events, hoping to one day run a big all ocean event, but for now is working on smaller ones


Holy first started to play the game back in the summer of 2006, when he was looking around Miniclips and found it. Holy instantly fell in love with the game and got a box version for the game.

Holy started his pirating career with a crew called Rum Runners, who he stayed with for a month or two.

Holy left the Rum Runners to start his own crew, unsure how to do it. Holy start the Kings Of The Caribbean, a very small crew that didn't achieve much. Holy disbanded the crew a few months after starting because he wasn't ready to have his own crew.

After leaving his crew Holy spent a month without a crew, until he finally join the The Happy Go Lucky under Nisseman. In the The Happy Go Lucky Holy worked himself up to Senior Officer and was very happy with the crew he was in.

After months after joining the The Happy Go Lucky Holy ran into some real life problems and quit playing the game for several months.

Holy finally returned to the game, to find that the The Happy Go Lucky had a new captain, and Nisseman seemed to have retired. Holy stayed with the crew for a few weeks but decide he no longer liked the crew and once again was crew less.

A couple days later a good friend of Holy's (Deathnueve) offered him a officer position aboard his Spanish speaking crew. Holy took the offer had is now a Fleet officer in the fast growing crew of Valparaiso Brigido.


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