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Familiars Won

Originally a resident of Epsilon Island, he was stolen away from the docks early in his pirate career by the crew Ransack Marauders of the flag Silver Dawn. He quickly established himself as a master sailor, devoting all of his piratical efforts towards bettering his skills at the puzzle. Tragedy struck during Silver Dawn's claiming of Eta Island when Hellequin lost his eye. This crippling blow only served to bolster his sailing enthusiasm, as he sought to futher hone his skills in an effort to avoid future sinkings. Alas, it was not to be and his hand was lost soon after.

Hellequin won a tan monkey named Loki in the Short Story Contest! of February 2005 on Midnight with a chilling story of murder and revenge. Growing less content with his place in his flag, he an the pirate McStew left the Ransack Marauders and formed the crew Divine Hellions of Carpe Noctem. Near the end of his career he moved to the crew Llyr's Pact where to this day he remains. During his buccaneering career, Hellequin established himself as one of the finest sailors in the game, securely staying at Number 1 in the ocean for Sailing for many months. Before leaving the game, he served a brief period as governer of Zeta island.

Occasionally he reappears to briefly test the waters and put his name back on the sailing rankings, though he has yet to make any permanent return.

Fun Trivia

  • Hellequin has an evil (good?) twin named Havelan
  • The name "Hellequin" is a derivative of old french "Harlequin", meaning "goblin" or "elf" (in the terms of a devious trickster or demon). Different from the more modern interpretation of the word which is more synonimous with clown, historically the Hellequin was a rider of germanic or celtic origin who was a member of the "Wild Hunt", a parade of the damned taking its origins from Norse mythology. The Wild Hunt sought the damned and dying souls and drove them to Hell to suffer the torments that they themselves endured.
  • There is no cow level
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