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This is an example for the Grand Crafting Puzzle Project. It is not meant to be an actual puzzle proposal.

Puzzle Codename: Shark

Username: Jasandrea
Additional contact info: On Midnight as Jacquilynne, jacquilynne@canada.com, AIM as jacquilynne
Project forum thread: {{{discussion}}}

Game concept

A more strategic and complex version of RocketMania without the time pressure.


Create paths to fill targets with the correct colours. The essential goal is to create efficient paths from the pieces provided.


At the top of the screen are source vats with three colours. At the bottom of the screen are targets, which contain variable numbers of layers. Each layer is randomly one of 6 colours ( the three source colours, plus the three possible secondary colours from blending the source colours ). In between are a number of random lengths of pipe offering various angles of connection and bridges.

The player must create pipe paths that connect the source colours to targets with appropriately coloured layers. The pipes rotate in a hexagonal space so may connect in 6 directions. Paths may cross each other using some pipe shapes. Other shapes will allow two source colours to blend to create the complex colours, or a single path to split to create sub-paths. Other shapes may consist of two distinct sections of pipe that neither cross nor join. Pipe shapes may have 2, 3, 4, 5 or all 6 points of connection available.

Each session will consist of a number of rounds - players will have a limited number of turns of the pipe pieces to create their paths, and then will have to pour the colours to fill the bottles. If they exceed the limit, their highest value bottles will break, and they'll get more turns added to the round.

At the end of the round, targets which are connected to the appropriate colour will be partially filled and the top layer will disappear. Targets which are connected to the wrong colour will shatter. Targets which are not connected to any colour will be unchanged. All the pieces used to create paths will disappear and be replaced by new, randomly generated path pieces for the next round.

Once all levels in a target have been filled with colour, it will be scored and replaced with a brand new bottle with all its layers left to be filled.


Completely filling bottles with all the appropriate colours provides a score per bottle. Bottle scores vary based on number of layers in the bottle and whether they're complex vs. simply colours, value of pours used to fill the bottles (which vary based on how many different layers of different colours are filled within a single pour), and any bonuses that may have been poured into the bottle.


Specific bonus pieces will offer small bonuses, the ability to fill multiple layers of the same colour on the same pour, or the ability to create a universal colour source for the next round.

End criteria

When the player has fully filled the required number of bottles (which changes with difficulty level), the session is over.

Difficulty scaling

Bottles will get more different coloured layers and take more pours to fill completely. The number of filled bottles per round will decrease so there is less opportunity for scoring.

Crafting type

Apothecary. Could also be used for distilling.

Known problems

With no time limit on the puzzle, people can potentially play forever without finishing a game.