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Puzzle Codename: Shad

Username: Eguee
Additional contact info: bleh3@hotmail.com, Rightontime on Viridian
Project forum thread: Discussion


Game concept

Move pieces of cloth around to fill orders.


Have all the Order counters reach 0


Use the cursor to rotate groups of four pieces around. At the bottom of the board are colored squares, which color groups of adjacent pieces of wood with the same pattern to finish orders. The colored squares are randomly distributed every game. Every time you press the 'Drop' button, the colored pieces of cloth get scored and all the pieces drop down.

Color rules

If two primary colors fuse together,(A piece part of a group is above another color) the piece from a smaller group becomes a secondary color. If a primary color and a secondary color mix, and the primary color is part of the secondary color(Eg. Red and Purple) then the piece becomes the primary color, else it becomes brown.


I'm sorry but the storyboard has old images. Please try to ignore it.

Bob is a renowned furnisher, and he sits down to play another game. After he makes a few large combos, he gets this: GCPP-shad-rev1.png

Bob notices that his green and purple orders are not filled yet, so he extends the green group with a hybridised piece. He then proceeds to extend his purple group.


After moving a zig-zag piece aside, he wonders whether to use the scissors. He thinks, " I could save a move and get a patch combo, but i'll have a overpiece penalty." He does the move anyways.


Now, he just sits back and enjoys the fireworks.



(Note: Scores are rounded up)</br>

  • Every 2 moves made after 5 moves after cut = -1
  • Every brown/extra piece scored = -4
  • Every piece scored = 3
  • Every secondary color scored = 4
  • Every hybrid scored = 6
  • Every rainbow piece scored = 7

Increments of multipliers for big groups:

  • Thirteen Piece = 2
  • Fourteen Piece = 2.5
  • Fifteen Piece = 3
  • Bingo (16) = 3.5
  • Donkey (17) = 4
  • Vegas (18) = 5
  • Chair me!(19) = 6
  • Perfect Furnishing!(20) = 7
  • Perfect Furnishing!^n (20 + n) = 7+n

Increments of multipliers for # of groups above 5 pieces:

  • Four colors!:2
  • Five colors!:2
  • Six colors!:2.5
  • Rainbow! (7):3
  • Multicolored block!(8):3.5
  • Blinding colors!(9):4
  • Painted Wonders!(10):5
  • Shiny!(11):6
  • Cut and Hammered!(12):7.5
  • Artisan!(13):8.5
  • Perfect Tools!(14):10
  • Masterpiece!(15):12.5


Scissors which cut the 3 other pieces in the selection. Pins which fuse two adjacent pieces in the selection together to make hybrid pieces. Hybrid pieces act like two seperate pieces. Blank tiles that don't get colored, and they can only be removed by scissors.

End criteria

The game ends when all orders are filled.

Difficulty scaling

More pieces; More orders of secondary colors; Removal of secondary 'color spots'.

Crafting type


Known problems

None yet




tileset GCPP-shad-Shadtileset.png

New Background GCPP-shad-Shadback.png


The blank piece can be used to block off unwanted colors to finish an order.

Color Icons


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