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Play now at http://www.alpha-slash.com/ypp/mariggle.asp (At the bottom of the page, try entering 7-3-3-1 for tile frequencies.)

Puzzle Codename: Mariggle

Username: DreadedChris
Additional contact info:
Project forum thread: http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?thread=91221


Game concept

Dropped blocks with simple shapes to make complex shapes


Clear a certain value of complex shapes to complete game


Fundamentally, it is a falling blocks puzzle, except we allow the user to rotate and position the piece at the top of the screen before pressing the 'drop' key, giving a time-relaxed turn-based feel to the game as is appropriate for crafting puzzles.

There are four block shapes, - T + and L which when dropped form line drawings of furniture. Having achieved a furniture, those blocks are then cleared from the screen and any blocks they hold up fall.

A new pirate playing Mariggle might begin by building a Crate with 4 'L' pieces.

Keyboard controls are 'a' and 's' to rotate left and right, left arrow and right arrow to move position left and right, and spacebar to drop. Mouse controls are wheel to rotate, left-click to drop, mouse-movement left and right to position piece.The piece is positioned in the distinct area at the top of the screen and then dropped into the playing field.

The playing field will be 5 wide by 11 high, with the twelfth row being the positioning area.
The 'Drill' special piece clears the column where it drops. GCPP-Mariggle-Drill.jpg
The 'Prybar' special piece clears out a 3x3 area centered on the piece it first hits. GCPP-Mariggle-Prybar.jpg



More complex pieces of furniture are worth more points, with a base score of 2 points per tile involved in making the piece. When a cascade causes a second clear, that clear is worth (base score + (base score * 0.5 * cascade level)) ; so a double is worth 1.5 times what a single clear is, and a triple is worth twice what a single is. There is a penalty of -1 points per drop to encourage efficiency.
A wooden crate:
A table:
A small chest:
A large chest:
A chair:
A bed:
A wardrobe:
A fancy wardrobe:


End criteria

The game ends after 20 clears.

Difficulty scaling

The game pieces can be introduced in order, with more possible furniture completions with each piece. The 'L' piece can make a crate, then add '-' to make wardrobes and chests, and then 'T' to make tables and chairs, and finally '+' to make all the possible furniture.

Crafting type


Known problems


The example graphics are to demonstrate gameplay. The real graphics should perhaps show carved wood shapes, and enclosed spaces could be filled with wood paneling.


The pieces:

An example of a double about to be triggered:

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