Full Metal Jacket (Cerulean)

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For the dusted iron monger on the Viridian Ocean, see Full Metal Jacket (Viridian).
Full Metal Jacket
Left-facing Iron monger (upgraded) on
Terra Island (Jade Archipelago)
Cerulean Ocean
Owner Bnavver
Manager(s) Gunner, Captainsassy
Erected October 2005
Building-Cerulean-Full Metal Jacket.png

Located at the southwest corner of the Terra Island upper-class shopping district, Full Metal Jacket has been in operation since early October of 2005 and was upgraded in early November 2005.

Offering a full array of enamels for swords, Full Metal Jacket also has a selection of pre-made swords. Contact any manager for more information or visit the shoppe and check the news to see what they have on hand.