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Expulsion is a term to describe the forcible removal of a pirate from a crew, or a crew from a flag. Pirates and crews affected by this are said to have been expelled.

Expelling a pirate from a crew revokes their crew membership and makes them an independent pirate. Officers and players of higher rank in a crew can propose to expel a pirate by clicking on their name in the crew panel. Senior officers and the captain can expel anyone of lower rank than them without having to propose it, although non-captains must first demote the pirate to cabin person to be able to do so.

Expelling a crew from a flag revokes their flag membership and makes them an independent crew. Royalty and the monarch can propose a flag issue to expel a crew from their flag. The royalty and monarch vote on the issue as a crew oligarchy.

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The plank command can be used to forcibly remove a pirate from a ship or building.