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war of the worlds
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free for all sloop battle, last one standing wins

Player Profile Timeline
Audience anyone crew with a sloop Elapsed time 1 hour or so
Unit of Entry 1 sloop per crew Participant Time 1 hour or so
Expected Participation 10-20 sloops Judging Time instant, last sloop standing wins
Platform blockade battle


Event Description

each crew of the viridian ocean will be allowed to enter 1 sloop into a staged blockade. The ships will then do a free-for-all battle, and the crew with the last sloop standing wins a grand frigate with a name of their choice! any crews with more than 1 sloop spotted on the board will be disqualified and resulted with the OM's if not cooperating. The event would be broadcasted 1 hour minutes before the start so crews can stock their selected sloop and sail it to the selected island location of the blockade. The object is not to get points like a normal blockade, but to eliminate the other crews by sinking their ship. It will be a non-sinking blockade, so your ship will not be lost forever. The event will be displayed in the forums for people who would like to inform their crew when to be online to plan ahead. ONLY SLOOPS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMPETITION! ocean masters and myself will keep an eye out for any crews who attempt to bring in more than 1 sloop


last one standing wins


1st place wins a grand frigate for the crew or a familiar(OM's choice)

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

OM Assistance

providing the ship or familiar for the prize and organization of the false blockade

Workshop Coaching


Previous Similar Events

im not sure of any


i used to run my own crew pirates doom and now i am a fleet officer of my friend amykates crew dragons horde, i own 2 shops and most certainly and gladly would handle the responsibility of organizing an event that gives everyone a chance at winning one for the crew